Cedar Roofing Shingles | Kennedy Brothers Construction
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cedar roofing

Wood roofing comes in two style types wood shingles or wood shakes. The only difference is the appearance of your cedar roof once installed. Cedar shingles are machine cut and tapered off for a crisp and clean appearance, while cedar shakes are hand split giving them a more rustic appeal.

Cedar Shake

  • Cedar shakes provide a luxurious look and are perfect for up-scale neighborhoods or historical homes. It’s difficult to beat the style of a new, natural cedar roof. If you are re-doing a traditional, older house, cedar roofing is probably the most historically appropriate choice.
  • Cedar shakes offer more energy efficiency and lowered monthly bills. Because they are an incredible insulator they retain warmth during the winter while reflecting heat during the summer. This will ensure that your heating and air conditioning (along with your monthly bills) aren’t going through the roof.

Cedar Shingle

  • Cedar shingles are a more environmentally friendly option, unlike other materials, even cedar shakes, which require large amounts of energy to manufacture, cedar shingles are produced in a highly energy-efficient manner. This reduces the output of carbon from the very start.
  • Cedar shingles are less expensive than cedar shakes, giving you a similarly great look at a more affordable price.
  • Cedar shingles are also known to be highly resistant to storm damage as well as extreme wind speeds.

Cedar Roofing Styles