Contractor Leads
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Contractor Leads

Article provided by: Magpie Leads

Contractor Leads

With the present age of technology, owning a home and having access to professionals that could assist in any civil engineering tasks should be made easy.

That's what we at magpieus strive to achieve and provide to all of our customers by supplying the best contractor leads directly to your fingertips.

What exactly do we do?

We specialize in providing the best leads to contractors and home service businesses who are in need of clients. With our years of experience and business regimen, you are guaranteed not only new clients but are also offered the opportunity to better improve on your present business etiquette and strategies.

What exactly do we mean by guaranteed clients?

No matter the business or how valuable your skills are, getting customers is always an issue faced by most. This is where we as professionals come in by delivering contractor leads to businesses to you.

We understand that you can be a little skeptical and worried concerning getting leads and as a result, work for free if you don't get any.

We fully understand how valuable your resources and services are as a contractor or home service businesses and look to ensure they are all properly managed.

How fast do you start getting leads?

When it comes to delivering, we stand atop the pile of professionals.We guarantee that you start to receive contractor leads within mere weeks or days after coming onboard.

How do you get the leads delivered to you?

We as a business pride ourselves on delivering regardless of our clients' specifications and needs. As a result, we have carefully structured our services to work with either your handheld device (mobile phone), Email, or CRM.

All you need to do is make your suggestions as to which medium you would like or prefer and that's it, the rest would be handled by us.

Do you have to compete for leads?

We understand the importance of client success and ensure that we work for only one client at a time. We handle clients on a per niche or per city basis meaning you don't have to worry about we delivering leads to your direct competitors.

We want your business to thrive and therefore ensure that competition for leads we provide is reduced to the barest minimum so as to ensure that you have the biggest opportunity of winning such deals.

What other services do we offer?

Some of the other services we render are;

Contractor SEO.

We offer Search engine optimization services that help to make your website more favorable to search engines. This would ensure that your company website pops up when prospective clients look it up over the web thereby increasing your chances of landing new deals.

Contractor PPC.

Regardless of the contractor business, you are running, it is paramount that your business grows. We at magpieus look to aid you in that regard by fully working with you on customized marketing strategies by utilizing the pay-per-click (PPC) model which has been known to bring success to businesses.


All of these and more are reasons why magpieus is the best source of contractor deals for you and your business. Request a demo now for free to see how beneficial we can be to growing your business.

Contractor Leads
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