WELCOME TO KB CONSTRUCTION - Gutters are the workhorse of a building’s exterior, channeling away all the rain, debris, and snow away from your home’s foundation and interior. When properly installed and maintained, gutters will save thousands of dollars in costly repairs to damaged walls, foundations, and joints.
Kennedy Brothers Construction installs gutter systems tailored exactly to your building, making sure this integral part of the exterior is doing its job. We typically install five and six-inch systems, depending on the slope and facets of each building, and ensure a tight fit all around leaves no room for damage-causing blockages or seepage.
Soffit & Facia
Easy to underestimate, the soffit and fascia are doing some serious heavy lifting of the gutter systems of your building or home. Providing more than design appeal, the soffit and fascia are utility players of a roofing system, taking the brunt of a sudden downpour and supporting the gutters through any weather.


    Our team installs gutters and we offer gutter repair, gutter cleaning and can fix any water damage that occurred from clogged gutters. An underperforming or improperly installed gutter protection can result in very costly damages to landscaping and even corrosion and erosion of your home’s foundation. As a division of KBC Exteriors, we have many years of construction experience. KBC Exteriors gives you peace of mind and value, as proven, trusted exterior professionals.

    KBC Exteriors Also repairs damaged Soffits at risk for water damage typically because of overflowing gutters or ice damming in cold climates. If the roof drip edge, which directs water into the gutters, is missing or damaged, water will typically rot the fascia board before eventually traveling to the soffit, where it will continue on its destructive path.

    Animals like squirrels, birds and raccoons frequently nest in a soffit and could cause damage to the structure as well.

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